Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My favorite nemesis has officially lost it.

And, for some of my readers, it may come as a surprise that he is a Republican.

Or, maybe not.

Either way, Mike Huckabee, the Baptist minister-turned-politician-turned-self-parody, is releasing a new book in which he basically blames the downfall of the Republican Party in this year's campaign cycle on, well... pretty much everyone other than himself.

He's mad that Romney is rich, is a Mormon, and, most unconscionably, didn't congratulate him after he won the Iowa caucus.

He's mad that Giuliani is pro-choice.

He's mad that McCain denounces religion-based politics like what Huckabee advances.

He's mad that evangelist John Hagee endorsed McCain.

Get the picture?

In particular, he's now saying that, among other things, libertarianism is destroying the Republican Party. Why? Because it is reflexively opposed to tax hikes (when America has some of the highest tax rates in the world on investment and business activity) and because it leaves "little room for government-driven solutions to people's problems."

Former Governor Huckabee, I usually keep a general level of demeanor about this particular blog, and about my writing as a whole, but allow me to suspend that for a bit so I can tell you something:


Unlike those who seek government control over people's lives (such as the people who seek caps on individual earnings as well as nationwide bans on smoking... sound familiar to anyone, Reverend?), libertarians offer a unique, clear, consistent, and easily explainable philosophy that differs from the current wave of left-wing power-grabbing going on through Washington. And guess what? It resonates; people, on the whole, don't like the government meddling in their lives, and they don't like the government having free reign over what money they earn. It may not give everyone everything that they want, but it allows people to associate freely to develop solutions that work for them.

Heck, there's nothing preventing a community (Berkeley comes to mind as a convenient example/scapegoat) from, in a libertarian system of government, establishing a socialist cradle-to-grave system of care for its citizens if that is what they want. The converse, however, cannot exist. Under a socialist system, there is no way for the libertarian to live in a way consistent with their beliefs without leaving the country. There is little means by which to address grievances, and likely little access to the press to get a contrary view across. Libertarians have no problem with opposing points of view; in fact, they encourage it, and hope the best vision going forward wins for the individual and their community.

Maybe that's what it is that Huckabee is truly worried about... either way, his complaints ring hollow. He has been (relatively) successful at what he has done, carries influence, and is, on the whole, quite wealthy himself (although still takes time out to lambaste corporate CEOs and Mitt Romney for the exact same privilege that he himself benefits from).

Now let us all have the opportunity to do the same in our own lives, Governor.

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