Tuesday, July 29, 2008


After having it suggested to me that I should differentiate my political blogging from my personal blogging, I have done just that... from now on, The Corner Keyboard will be the basic ground floor for my posts of a political or economic nature, whereas my old blog (killer-roach.livejournal.com) will remain my personal blog. Pretty basic.

Also, with that, I am announcing a minor change to the format of my posts. As a libertarian, I tend to view existing paradigms with suspicion... including, apparently, paradigms that I create myself. Therefore, The Corner Keyboard will be updated on a more free-wheeling basis, whenever the need arises, to allow yours truly to let off some venting room. Needless to say, without having to adhere to any particular style... this may be pretty damn often.

Buckle up.

-The Corner Keyboard

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